• Accessing Wisdom

    You have everything you need to navigate Life as you create what's next for you!

  • "When your mind is relaxed and open, you are primed to have insights. Insights are just subtle shifts of feeling inside you. With these shifts of feeling, things will look better to you. Things will come easier to you."

    - Dicken Bettinger & Natasha Swerdloff, Coming Home

  • Relaxing the Mind and Accessing Wisdom

    We are made of the Infinite Wisdom that created the Universe. The same wisdom that created our breath to be effortless is guiding us in this moment with the same ease.


    If you feel disconnected from this wisdom, you are lost in thought. It is not possible to be disconnected from Wisdom since we are this Wisdom. This Intelligence is living us each and every day.


    If you find that you have gotten sidetracked and want to come back Home, reflect upon the statements below. These are not meant to be a technique to get you in touch with wisdom as no technique is needed. They are simply meant to point you in the direction of your true nature.

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    I am not my thoughts.

    "Thought is the master key that opens the world of reality to all living creatures... Your thoughts are like the artist's brush. They create a personal picture of the reality you live in."

    - Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

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    My True Nature is Love.

    "Love and understanding harmonize the mind of humanity to its true inner nature."

    - Sydney Banks, The Missing Link

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    Wisdom is guiding me.

    "Spiritual Wisdom lies within the consciousness of all living creatures... Gratitude and satisfaction have wonderful effects on our souls. They open our minds, clearing the way for wisdom and contentment to enter."

    - Sydney Banks, The Missing Link